Reyne Haines on Ladies Wristwatches: An Interview with Collectors Weekly

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Reyne Haines on Ladies Wristwatches: An Interview with Collectors Weekly

Post by koimaster on Mon Nov 15, 2010 7:21 pm

By Maribeth Keane and Brad Quinn

Nationally recognized appraiser Reyne Haines is known as a specialist in Art Nouveau glass and Tiffany, but she has also just written “Vintage Wristwatches,” a book that focuses on one of her many other passions. In this interview Haines explains how the predominance of men’s timepieces makes it relatively easy and inexpensive to put together a good collection of watches designed for ladies. Haines can be contacted via

I was living in New York and helping my landlord get some things together for a local garage sale. As I was going through all the stuff, I came across a pretty Tissot wristwatch. I didn’t know anything about watches. The only watch I had was a Seiko that I got for high school graduation. The Tissot watch didn’t run but I bought it anyway for $5 and took it to a watchmaker. I found out that it was a quartz watch and all it needed was a battery. Vintage Tissot watches cost a few hundred dollars, sometimes more, depending on the model. This watch was worth probably about $125.



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