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Post by koimaster Wed Apr 27, 2011 8:43 am

65 years ago, one of those special people saw the light of day; already in his childhood, this man was different: more than all the other children he was interested in how things actually work.

In 1949, he started school in Rostock and began an apprenticeship as an engineer in 1957. As a young man, he studied again to become a master of engineering and a technician; he finished his studies with bravura, and then committed his services to scholarship.

Early on, he collected premium watches and fixed them; already in 1978, he set the cornerstone for his present work, the escapement model of a tourbillon, the TK I.

Two years later, inspired by an excellent watchmaker as well as friend and collector, he began with the development of a watch tourbillon; this piece of work was highly limited and can be found in a collector´s "treasury" today. Even back then, he worked according to Glashütte´s precision standards; every piece was created and constructed manually. The chronometer hairspring had been a technical must from the beginning.

Still during his freelance work, he began the most important work of his life, the development of the TK III.

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