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Lady Tag Heuers

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Lady Tag Heuers Empty Lady Tag Heuers

Post by koimaster Fri May 27, 2011 11:50 pm

Lady Tag Heuers 207322_193250017386948_100001058537046_554589_763709_n
Lady Tag Heuers 185751_179275165451100_100001058537046_468430_2801060_n
Lady Tag Heuers 184215_179297748782175_100001058537046_468499_4860726_n
Lady Tag Heuers 183560_179298138782136_100001058537046_468502_1784594_n
Lady Tag Heuers 183454_179296168782333_100001058537046_468495_3892964_n
Lady Tag Heuers 183050_179277995450817_100001058537046_468437_8047152_n
Lady Tag Heuers 182782_179296598782290_100001058537046_468497_2131009_n
Lady Tag Heuers 182480_179279952117288_100001058537046_468455_4683542_n
Lady Tag Heuers 182058_179278895450727_100001058537046_468445_5359504_n
Lady Tag Heuers 180895_179273362117947_100001058537046_468429_1718575_n
Lady Tag Heuers 180884_179279352117348_100001058537046_468450_326419_n

Lady Tag Heuers Sig_1


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Lady Tag Heuers Empty Re: Lady Tag Heuers

Post by Guest Sat May 28, 2011 4:18 am

My wife has a Tag Heuer 2000 Series WK1211.BA0309 and it is one of her favorite watches - this one -

(picture from the internet).

Lady Tag Heuers WK1211-BA0309_964-001

I am not a huge Tag fan, but she always liked this model and style so we got one a while back. She wears it all of the time.

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Lady Tag Heuers Empty Re: Lady Tag Heuers

Post by Watch Noob Sat May 28, 2011 8:32 am

Love the Monaco on snakeskin. Lady Tag Heuers 266965

Lady Tag Heuers Noobsigcopy

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Lady Tag Heuers Empty Re: Lady Tag Heuers

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