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Beater bracelets

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Beater bracelets Empty Beater bracelets

Post by Guest Mon Jun 13, 2011 1:35 pm

I picked these up off ebay from a seller in Thailand. Needed something cheap. I knew these were bottom feeder bracelets and could see they were folded from the ad but I couldn't justify a Watchadoo considering I only paid 49 bucks for the watch on a DOD. I paid 5.99 each plus shipping, 22.96 for two (they only took 1 dollar off shipping for 2).
Beater bracelets Thaila10
Beater bracelets Thaila11
Beater bracelets Thainl10
Beater bracelets Thaila14

These are This is the two watches watch I was going to put them put it on.

Beater bracelets Thaila12

I let my wife try mine on before I did hers. She said "no way". Perhaps she has better taste than me scratch Good thing because I don't know how to take links out of this thing anyway.

Beater bracelets Thaila13


Beater bracelets Dsc_1213


Beater bracelets Thaila15
Beater bracelets Thaila16
Beater bracelets Thaila17

I wear my beaters more often than my good stuff. I wanted this watch to look decent to me. My choices in leather straps have been a dismal failure...thus far.

The bottom line: It feels cheap on the wrist. It looks cheap in a close-up shot. I sure as hell wouldn't recommend it. But it is what it is and suits its purpose for me (looks decent @ casual observation).

The moral of the story: You get what you pay for.
Beater bracelets 241961


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Beater bracelets Empty Re: Beater bracelets

Post by koimaster Mon Jun 13, 2011 2:34 pm

Beater bracelets 63600

Great idea by the way.

Beater bracelets Sig_1


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Beater bracelets Empty Re: Beater bracelets

Post by Guest Mon Jun 13, 2011 3:54 pm

Your honesty is really what I admire. Any WG would be trying to profess how great the bracelet is and could never understand why someone would want that heavy solid links anyway. You at least have the sack to say when shit is shit. You get points for that.

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Beater bracelets Empty Re: Beater bracelets

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