JTV Camphor 24 SLOT Watch Box

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JTV Camphor 24 SLOT Watch Box Empty JTV Camphor 24 SLOT Watch Box

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 17, 2010 7:42 pm

To add another thread in the new area, I will post my JTV Camphor 24 slot watch box as well. As noted in the Perrelet watch box thread, it can not compare to the Perrelet; but it is a very nice box in its own right. I would definitely buy another if I saw one for the right price. I've only seen this one I bought in the 24 slot/camphor finish in 2 years of keeping a "favorite search" on ebay. The normal JTV selling price was $299 on this box.

I got it for the following reasons:
1) Similar coloring and size to the Perrelet, so they look good sitting next to each other.
2) I REALLY like seeing 24 watches at once and not having them in drawers within a cabinet.
3) Price - I picked up this one on ebay for about $75 shipped with a small area of damage near the closure. The rest of the box was near mint.

Here was a pic at the beginning of this year before I decided to buy anything over $100. Other than the TAG that I got on my honeymoon in Switzerland, every watch was bought for under $100 shipped and half of them under $50 shipped.
JTV Camphor 24 SLOT Watch Box DSCN8870

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