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Borgel cased pocket watch

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Borgel cased pocket watch  Empty Borgel cased pocket watch

Post by koimaster Fri Feb 18, 2011 9:04 am

Borgel cased pocket watch
So, I was looking for trench watch straps on Vintage Watch Straps and I was reading through the tabs as there is a lot of interesting info there - the history of wrist watches for instance. I got to the tab on Borgel cases, and as I was reading it and thinking, pretty neat - early waterproof case, I'd like one of those, when I realised - hey I think I have one

I pulled it out of my project draw, and yep

I am sure this has happened to others...

Anyway, this is the watch a Borgel cased Baume-Longines pocket watch, and Longines kindly suppliied the following response to my query:

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