Customize And Revitalize Your Watch With A New Strap Or Bracelet

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Customize And Revitalize Your Watch With A New Strap Or Bracelet

Post by koimaster on Fri Sep 07, 2012 8:49 am

Most people cannot do much on their own to customize the watches they own. Changing the hands, or colors are beyond our ability both in expertise and the tools we have available. This can create a problem for the creative among us who really want to make watches "our own." One effective outlet for creativity however, is placing a new bracelet or strap (band) on your watch. You must first understand that this does not work with every watch. Some watches or watch makers as a whole, have special proprietary watch strap or bracelet connections that won't allow for a universal connection, and other watches have straps that won't come off at all. However, most watches give you the ability to remove and change the strap or bracelet. If you are unsure how to do any of the following, you can always buy a fitting strap or bracelet yourself and take it to a watch repair person or store that can do the work for you cheaply. You will usually save a lot of money and have more selection by purchasing the replacement straps or bracelets yourself rather than relying on what a watch repair or store has in stock.



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