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Antique Clock Articles by Brian Loomes, UK writer and dealer

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Antique Clock Articles by Brian Loomes, UK writer and dealer Empty Antique Clock Articles by Brian Loomes, UK writer and dealer

Post by koimaster Wed Nov 07, 2012 8:48 am


Benjamin Stribling and William Goodwin - Stowmarket's first clockmakers

John Mercer, clockmaker of Hythe

Richard Morley, maker of an early iron lantern clock from Warwickshire

James Drury, clockmaker, and his family

Thomas Pott of St. James's Street, Westminster

Thomas Langley and the nonconformist clockmakers of Abingdon

William Kipling of London, clockmaker and gentleman

William Yeadon

Humphrey Marsh, clockmaker of Highworth

Richard Beck - another lantern clock discovered

John Buffett of Colchester and his lantern clocks

Walter Archer's oldest clock

The Bullock family of clockmakers of Ellesmere, Shropshire

George Guest of Aston again

Thomas Mawkes of Derby

The Broderick family of clockmakers

Edward Hodges, one of Spalding's first two clockmakers

Hooded clocks

John Fraser of Worcester

William Barlow and the first clockmakers in King's Lynn, Norfolk

The Stokes family of Clockmakers

The Stripling family of clockmakers

Thomas Crawley and Davis Mell, lantern clock makers (?)

Thomas Dyde of London, lantern clock maker

The Warner family of Clockmakers

John Lindsey, clockmaker, of Nayland, Suffolk

Benjamin Shuckforth of Diss in Norfolk

Joseph Curtis, clockmaker of Chew Magna in Somerset

Cornelius Manley of Norwich and the Manley family of clockmakers

Peter Closon, lantern clock maker

William Reeve of Spalding, maker of the oldest Lincolnshire clock

Robert Williamson's lantern clock

Markwick Markham

John and Robert Watts, clockmakers of Stamford

Diamond Dials, or picture frame clocks

John Disborrow of Ashen, lantern clock maker and gentleman

Richard Breckell and his lantern clocks

Richard Beck, a lantern clock maker during the Civil War

John Barnett and his Lantern Clocks

Benjamin Hill, a clockmaker during the Civil War

Edward Stanton and his lantern clocks

Zigzags - dials by a certain group of Quaker clockmakers

John Trubshaw and a miniature lantern clock with a square dial

Robert Croome of Wotton under Edge and his hooded clocks

William Barnard again

Solomon Wasson, the first Bristol clockmaker

John Michell of Chardstock, Clockmaker

Joseph and Jacob Littlemore of Frodsham, early Quaker clockmakers

Jeremy Gregory, Goldsmith and Clockmaker

Richard Roe of Epperstone

John Drew - a really small miniature lantern clock

John Lyon - Lancashire's first clockmaker

Thomas Browne - the first clock by Bristol's first clockmaker

Hilkiah Bedford and a Charles II sundial

Charles Farrer of Doncaster and a clock for a sporting gentleman

William Monk - an early rural clockmaker

Thomas Milles of London, lantern clock maker

James Hendrie of Wigton, clockmaker

A Lantern Clock Showing 'Thirds' of an hour

Richard Ames, lantern clock maker

William Munford and his extraordinary clocksmith clock

A Bristol Lantern Clock - and Sandwiches

Jacques Layllet - maker of an extraordinary French lantern clock

Ambrose Hawkins of Wells and Exeter

Jeffrey Bayley of The Turnstile in Holborn, London - some observations on lantern clock making

A Gentleman's Travelling Lantern Clock

William Cockey of Wincanton

The Whittaker Family of Middleton, Lancashire

Nicholas Paris of Warwick and his lantern clocks

Hook-and-Spike Clocks

Lantern Clock Frets - a new aspect seen on a Thomas Knifton clock?

A Cromwellian Clock for a Cavalier

Hooded Clocks

John London of Bristol

Henry Webster and the Lancashire School of lantern clock makers

Blacksmiths' Iron Lantern Clocks

Robert and John Crucefix of London, Huguenot clockmakers

A Tulip-dial Clock of the Seventeenth Century

The Longcase Clocks of Thomas Power of Wellingborough

Lantern Clocks - some frequently asked questions

The Bothamleys of Boston, Lincolnshire, and an unusual wall clock

A Hooded Wall Clock by William Barnard of Newark, Nottinghamshire

John Smorthwaite of Colchester and elsewhere

Key-wound Thirty-hour Clocks

To Clean or not to Clean

Moons and Tides

Pantry Clocks for the Servants' Quarters

Lantern Clocks converted to spring drive

Lantern Clocks of the mid-seventeenth century - an examination of some with 'matchstick man' castings and 'matchstick' flower engraving

Richard Marshall of Wolsingham, Senior and Junior

William Selwood of the Mermaid in Lothbury, lantern clock maker

The Deykins of Worcester, clockmakers

George Mills de Ripon, Ripon's first clockmaker

The Powleys of Asby

Robert Davis, Burnley's First Clockmaker

John Briggs of Gargrave and Skipton - some personal insights into the life and work of a nineteenth century provincial clockmaker

An Extraordinary Longcase Clock in the Egyptian Taste

The oldest surviving clock by a Welsh clockmaker?

Henry Burges and his clocks

Robert Harvey, maker of the first lantern clocks in Britain

The Lantern Clocks of Thomas Power of Wellingborough

William Barnard and the First Newark Clockmakers

Grand mahogany painted-dial longcase clocks from north-west England: Period One 1770-1800

A clock made for an officer on Admiral Nelson's flagship, The Vanguard

A Beginner's Guide to Lantern Clocks

Thomas Loomes and the Mermaid

Conversion Lantern Clocks and Richard Smith

The First Clockmakers in Suffolk and the earliest known Suffolk clock

Oak Longcase Clocks with Brass Dials - plain or fancy

A Lantern Clock in a Wooden Case with Corbels

A Ten-inch Penny Moon Dial Longcase in Pine by William Northrop of Wakefield

A New Clock by Samuel Ogden

A Suffolk Lantern Clock by Richard Rayment of Bury St. Edmunds

A Four-hundred-year-old Sundial

Turkish Market Clocks

A Sleeper Awakened

New clocks from old

An interesting country clock


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